Our range of accessories can help add class and elegance to your next cabinet project.

Accessories by Tesrol


At Tesrol we produce a range of accessories to suit your next kitchen or cabinet project. View our range of accessories below that can enhance residential or commercial projects.

Recess Rails

Current trends in kitchen and cabinetry designs have uncluttered lines. To achieve this look, Tesrol has developed the recess rail which is available in either raw MDF, Vacuum Formed or Polyurethane finishes.

Roller Shutter

Roller shutters are an excellent way to get access to sliding shelves or appliances without the need for a door to be in the way.

Available in Likewood 2D+, infinite, Superclean, PureGloss, vacuum formed, polyurethane or raw MDF finishes and in custom sizes, they are a sure way to add functionality and class to your kitchen or cabinets.

Glass Frames & Glazing Bars

Tesrol offers a range of Glass Frames and Glazing bars to suit your next kitchen or cabinet project.

They help to create a unique spacious showcase while adding a touch of elegance and character to your cabinetry.

Open Shelves

The use of shelving is a classic yet bold way to showcase and restyle your kitchen. Giving you the ability to showcase your favorite ornamental piece, family memories or whatever your heart desires.

Shelving comes in multiple styles to suit your needs.


Tesrol produces a wide variety of drawer bank to suit your needs based on your preference or style. From individually routered doors to drawers cut from a door and even matching grain doors.

Each option brings a sense of bespoke class to your cabinetry.

Wine Racks

Wine racks are available in a kit form designed for your cabinet maker to directly integrate into your project.

Available in a range of various finishes and designs, it gives a perfect solution for your wine collection.

Rangehood Canopies

Tesrol produces assembled ornate rangehood canopies, allowing your cabinet maker the ability to add some old world charm to your kitchen.

They come available in raw MDF or painted finishes only in either 800mm or 1100mm wide.

Plain With Fretwork.
V-Groove With Fretwork.

Fretwork can be used to adorn your next kitchen or cabinetry project. Tesrol manufacture custom size fretwork in two variations.


Tesrol produces the largest range of pre-finished capping moulding in Australia. Whether your project is modern, traditional or ornate, there is a style designed to suit.

Available in raw MDF, Vacuum Formed, and Painted.

Dental Round.
Dental Square.
Dental Base.

Matching skirting has become a critical component of both kitchen and home design where they can be used to make a project feel more consistent.

Tesrol’s skirting designs are available in either raw MDF, Vacuum Formed or Painted finishes.

Decorative Corbels

Decorative Corbels can be used to add a professional finishing touch to your cabinetry. Corbels are available in either Raw Pine or Painted finish.

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