Decorative Board

Offering a range of contemporary, elegant designs and finishes…

Add another dimension to your project.


Tesrol’s newest addition to our diverse range, offering the latest contemporary looks from Europe

It’s no secret that Europe are at the forefront of modern trends in design and architecture. With these trends, comes the birth of PureGloss, Likewood and Tecoboard. These unique finishes give you the ability to add timeless beauty and elegance to all your kitchen and cabinetry requirements.

Our decorative board range is made in-house sourcing the highest quality products from Europe and Australia. Our decorative board range is available in either cut & edge supplied by Tesrol or inĀ full size sheets ready for your cabinetmaker to prepare.


Tesrol’s exlusive high-gloss acrylic finish that offers a luxurious mirror like finish, with the latest style trends & contemporary colour range in mind.


Likewood offers a vast range of exciting designs and finishes made to resonate timber finishes in apperance, touch, and feel.


Tecoboard’s decorative hues and prints are the latest in innovation and colour trends for interior design.